Mission Statement

” To make church websites easy and affordable. “

Every church should have a website.
Not every church has the funds and technical knowledge needed to create and maintain a website.
The mission of the COG Website Project is to solve that problem by
providing a quality church website at a price that every church can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really just $5 per month?

Yes.  $5 per month is the full price and includes all the features.  There are no hidden fees (cancellation, upgrades, etc.).

However, some optional features require third-party vendors that may charge for their services. For example, many churches want to use a custom domain name (.COM, .ORG, etc.), which is sold separately by whichever domain registrar the church decides to purchase from (see below).

Can we use a custom website name?

Yes. Connecting your new website to a custom domain name (.COM, .ORG, etc.) is an easy two step process:

  1. Ask your to “change the A record” of the domain to this IP:
  2. Send an email with your new domain name to COG.Website.Project@gmail.com

Can we accept tithes and offerings from the website?

Yes.  A “Give Online” button can be added that will open the online payment page provided by your .

Do new features cost more money?

When new features are added they are automatically included at no additional cost.

Is my payment info secure?

Yes. When you subscribe your payment info is handled exclusively by the payment processor,which is a multi-billion dollar bank with world-class security trusted by brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

Can we pay annually?

Not at this time.  Annual subscriptions will become available in the future.

How long does it take after signup before we have a website?

A few minutes after sign up you will get an email with login instructions.

How do we start?

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